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The Golden Gate Quartet “The American Legend” invits Sister Grace

Founded by four students in 1934, The Golden Gate Quartet has become a real institution and one of the most famous gospel and Negro spiritual band, worldwide.

They contributed to make these music into legends and always combined their appetite towards innovation while respecting their legacy, which was the key to their huge success. The band was a link between the spiritual age and the gospel era, and announced the hip-hop revolution with long monologues (the ancestor or rap music) that have qualified this repertoire for decades. Their cover of “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson) or the one of Part Time Lover (Stevie Wonder) in the album celebrating their anniversary “80 Years” published in 2015 are the incontestable proof of their modernity.

Sister Grace, is a soloist and member of the “Gospel music workshop of America” who reunites over 10.000 people worldwide. The Soprano stands out as one of the most moving and powerful singer, as essential qualities to honor gospel with her peers.