Yaron Herman & Ziv Ravitz

© Sébastien Vincent

Matthieu Chedid

© Lisa Roze

Michel Portal

© Th. Cohen

Bastien Burger

© DR

Yaron Herman duo & Friends : - M -, Michel Portal, Bastien Burger

Since his last visit to the Festival in 2005, the pianist Yaron Herman recorded seven albums and his famous covers of Radioead or Britney Spears are now etched into the memory. At only 34, he is now a phenomenon on the international Jazz scene.

Amazing improviser, he is constantly evolving as a creator. His album “Everyday” signed with the prestigious label Blue Note, in duet with the drums virtuoso Ziv Ravitz, was very noticed with Shaï Maestro. Only for the festival, Yaron Herman reunites exceptional artists around this audacious duet: the singer-guitar player – M -, the saxophone and clarinet player Michel Portal (whom you can also see on the 27th and 31st May), and the bass player of the pop band The Dø, Bastien Burger.

Brilliants friends who will only play twice in France : here and in the Festival Jazz in Marciac.