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Sylvain Rifflet

© Sylvain Gripoix
© Sylvain Gripoix

Fred Pallem & le Sacre du Tympan

© Sylvain Gripoix
© Sylvain Gripoix

L'Odyssée, nouvel album de Fred Pallem & le Sacre du Tympan

Soirée des musiciens Spedidam


Getz, Rifflet et Appassionato: a triple threat

Sylvain Rifflet, one of the most creative saxophonists and composers of his generation, has made a childhood dream comtrue with “Re-Focus. In it, he pays a vivid and accomplished tribute to his master, the legendary Stan Getz, and to his album “Focus” – his all-time favorite – released in 1961 by Verve, where the saxophonist improvised to music written by Eddie Sauter for a string orchestra. Acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, this masterpiece shines the light on Sylvain Rifflet’s rewriting genius and talent to renew the oh-so-successful combination jazz and classical music hed made in 1961. To that end, he has surrounded himself with the excellent ensemble Appassionato, as comfortable with Mozart as with Getz. Conducted by Mathieu Herzog, the quartet completes and bounces off the refined, powerful and lyrical way the saxophonist plays. A strong piece and one of the most exciting concerts of the year.

Sylvain Rifflet: saxophone, compositions / Florent Nisse: double bass / Guillaume Lantonet: percussions, drums
& L’ensemble Appassionato, conducted by Mathieu Herzog
Rémi Rière: violin / Akémi Fillon: violin / Mathieu Herzog: alto / Simon Dechambre: cello


A fabulous sound and film odyssey

Eight years after the joyful “SoundTrax” and after brilliantly revisiting the repertoires of François de Roubaix, Blaxploitation soundtracks and cult animation themes, composer/conductor/arranger/multi-instrumentalist (bass, piano, guitar) Fred Pallem is back with an album he composed entirely. For this ecstatic “Oddyssey”, which marks the twentieth anniversary of this supersonic big band, Le Sacre du Tympan is for the first time enhanced with strings. Fred Pallem takes up with what has made him the enfant terrible of big band jazz, deliberately eclectic, refusing to limit himself to one single genre. Invoking the spirit of those who have inspired him, he’s composed a series of epic pieces. Here, sparkling brass instrument contrasts with tense violins, there the groove of a raging bass fights against menacing strings, Ornett Coleman infiltrates Ennio Morricone’s universe, Bernard Hermann mixes with the saturated colors of electric Miles, Lalo Schifrin marries Fela, Memphis Sound cohabits with John Barry… Close your eyes, voyaging listeners, and imagine the movie this music inspires. Embark on an enchanting, entrancing sound and film journey.

Fred Pallem: lead, bass / Christine Roch: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet / Rémi Sciuto: flute, baryton saxophone / Sébastien Palis: keyboards / Sylvain Bardiau: trumpet, bugle / Robinson Khoury: trombone / Guillaume Magne: guitar / Vincent Taeger: drums / Anne Le Pape: violin / Aurélie Branger: violin / Séverine Morfin: alto violin / Michèle Pierre: cello / Guests : Christophe Monniot: saxophone