Jazz ‘n’ Chat “Shahin Novrasli, jazz passport with an Ahmad Jamal visa”

A meeting hosted by Pierre Mourdie

Still relatively unknown in France, Shahin Novrasli is an accomplished musician from Azerbaijan, whose praises Ahmad Jamal keep singing. A prodigy pianist and composer, Shahin started learning how to play at a very young age and, at a mere eleven years old, performed on stage with a symphony orchestra. As a student of the most prestigious schools in the country, he enriched his classical repertoire with many elements influenced by traditional Eastern music or more contemporary jazz. He notably recorded an album with high-end New York beats (Ari Hoenig and Nathan Peck) and has performed on the most prestigious stages (Royal Albert Hall, the Montreux festival…)

Come discover Shahin Novrasli and you’ll walk on the bridge that links the East to the West.