White from Black, 2018

© Pascal Bouclier

Six-Ring Circus, 2017

© Pascal Bouclier

Octet la Nocturne, 2017

© Pascal Bouclier

LAURduo, 2017

© Pascal Bouclier

Speleo, 2017

© Pascal Bouclier

Daïda, 2017

© Pascal Bouclier

David Texier trio, 2017

© Pascal Bouclier

Joran Cariou trio, vainqueur 2016

© Géraldine Santin
© Pascal Bouclier
© Pascal Bouclier

Gerry Lopez Project

© Pascal Bouclier

Gerry Lopez, vainqueur 2013

© Pascal Bouclier

Remise de prix

© Pascal Bouclier

The meeting of young French jazz scene.
18th edition – Day 1 : selections.

The 18th edition of the young French creation event

Saturday, May 18th :

The Young Talents Competition is a springboard to a professional career for young French jazz musicians and composers. The jury will select between the six bands in competition. The winner will be rewarded with a lot of  reference prizes.

Prizes of Young Talents Competition :

• Financial support of 2000 € from Foundation BNP Paribas.


Instrumental support : 1 instrument offered to saxophonist or clarinetist from Selmer Paris.


Tour support : 1 concert in Festival Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés Paris the next year.


Recording CD : 1 day in L’Alhambra-Colbert in Rochefort (17), Cristal records label studio.


Tour support : 1 concert offered by the Sunset-Sunside Jazz Club.


• Personalized training

• Personalized training : 20 hours of rehearsal offered by UMJ in their studios in Les Frigos and 1 week (7 days) residancy in studios in August 2016.


• Personalized training : labels and promotional contacts for the artist and his musical project: an accompanying project launch by the communication agency The Mission (9h divided into 3 sessions of 3 hours).