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© Matthieu Joffres


Three gifted creatord at the top of their game

Yaron Herman is one the most interesting pianists and jazz improvisers of his generation of thirty-somethings. On the heels of the many sound experiments he has made with relentless delectation, he is known for his attraction to pop music (Radiohead, Björk…) as well as his love for classical music. François Salque, who has won no less than ten first-place prizes and performed all around the globe, is a must-see eclectic cellist, whose sensitive and noble way to play his instrument is remarkable. A winner of the Victoire du Jazz in 2017 for his album “Sfumato”, Émile Parisien, an audacious and fierce saxophone player who feels at home both in jazz and classical music, gives his body and soul to showmanship. Fascinated with the freedom and sound diversity that this never-before-seen formation allows, the three composers are tracing a path which resembles them and makes each of their encounters a unique and joyful moment. At times elegant and lyrical or vivacious and incandescent, their music celebrates the union of different musical traditions which, from tango to jazz, from the classical repertoire to world music, from traditional themes to current music, are thus reinvented. This is sure to make a perfect musical cocktail for the first time in Paris and with the beautiful backdrop of the newly renovated Saint-Germain-des-Prés church.

Yaron Herman: piano / François Salque: cello / Emile Parisien: saxophone