• Location
    Sorbonne University, amphithéâtre Richelieu
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    17 rue de la Sorbonne, Paris 5e
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    Ligne 10 : Cluny-La Sorbonne
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  • Vélib'
    Dante, 9 Rue Dante/ 39 Rue des Écoles/ 20 Rue du Sommerard, Paris 5e
  • Autolib'
    3 rue de Vaugirard, Paris 6e/ 133 rue Saint-Jacques/ 7 Place Paul Painlevé, Paris 5e

© Olivier Jacquet / Université Paris-Sorbonne
© Olivier Jacquet / Université Paris-Sorbonne

This amphitheater with more than 500 seats is one of five classrooms built at the end of the nineteenth century by the architect Henri-Paul Nénot, as part of the project of enlargement and renovation, which lasted nearly a century, and which was necessary at the only college then seat of the faculties of science, letters and theology of Paris. It took up the idea of ​​Leon Vaudoyer to build not a college but a real palace of science and literature: the new Sorbonne. It is named after the Cardinal Richelieu who was raised at the college of theology, then became the headmaster in 1622 and himself undertook an ambitious program of renovation of the college. Usually reserved for students only, the Richelieu amphitheater offers an exceptional setting for live music. The only amphitheater with a rounded design, its acoustics and layout lend themselves perfectly to listening to solo pianos. The work that dominates the scene, an oil on canvas from 1903 “Apollo and the Muses at the top of Parnassus” P.A.J. Dagnan-Bouveret, adds to the musical experience an unprecedented visual approach. Let yourself be entertained by the beauty of the arts.



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