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20th birthday night
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🎤  Vocals, guitar, brass
🎵  Jazz, soul, groove
👩‍💼  Exclusive band, album release
🏛️ New venue


The queen of soul returns to Paris

Lisa Simone’s personality, groove and sensibility have captured the heart and soul of her audience worldwide. Nina Simone’s daughter is releasing a bright third album: “In Need of Love”. Lyrically, the album rings like a look back on her life, an intimate and powerful insight on her childhood and her relationships with her mother. “Life is my inspiration” she confides, et Lisa Simone brings authenticity in each of her tracks.

Musically, Lisa Simone’s band, led and arranged by stunning guitarist Hervé Samb (Pat Metheny, Kellylee Evans, Line Kruse…), combines energy with excellence as comfortably on high-octane funk, revisited reggae or soul music, indeed the music of Lisa Simone’s soul.

Exclusively for the festival and for the first time in Paris, the queen of soul is sure to mark the 20th anniversary of the festival with a colorful evening, filled with soul music and unbridled groove, celebrating peace and joie de vivre.

Lisa Simone: vocals / Hervé Samb: guitar / Gino Chantoiseau: bass / Yoann Danier: drums / Yannick Soccal: saxophone / Claude Egea: trumpet / Bertrand Luzignant: trombone


First part :

🎸 Violins
🎵 Latin jazz orchestral
👩‍💼 Composer, talent Spedidam
🏛️ New location


Jazz cruise to Havana

Effervescent and lyrical, the way Danish violinist and composer Line Kruse plays is incomparable. For her fifth album “Invitation”, the violin virtuoso keeps playing with musical boundaries. The recordings started in Havana continued in Paris where Line Kruse played a string section she arranged and conducted. Combining her classical training with a new passion for early 20th– century Russian composers, she has constituted a palette of never-before-heard ambiances. Beautifully accompanied by sensitive pianist Noé Huchard and high-octane rhythms, as well as four violins, Line Kruse will give us a unique Cuban-European combination of Latin jazz and orchestral music.

Line Kruse: violon / Flore Lacreuze: violin / Emma Lee: violin / Raphaël Maillet: violin / Mathilde Sternat: violin / Noé Huchard: piano / Christophe Wallemme: doublebass / Stéphane Huchard: drums

Spedidam musician night

The concerts will be followed by an afterjazz.