Airelle Besson

© Sylvain Gripoix

Lionel Suarez

Dan Tepfer

© Nicolas Joubard

Dan Tepfer

© Nicolas Joubard


First time in Paris!

When she’s not delighting spectators across Europe with her quartet, the talented trumpet player with multiple awards (La Défense Jazz Festival, Jazz Academy, French Jazz Music Awards…) Airelle Besson, plies her trade in various outfits gathered from her numerous encounters. Amongst those, is a duo with virtuoso accordionist Lionel Suarez, where she delivers one of her most audacious musical explorations. The rare association of the trumpet’s brilliance and the accordion’s velvet touch creates a sonic blend uplifted by Airelle Besson’s imagination and the carefully orchestrated and sensitive inventions of Lionel Suarez.

The duo has shaped its musical connection by playing over fifty concerts across France before coming for the first time to Paris for the benefit of this festival. A unique opportunity to get to hear this solely live project, powered by a melodic drive that will set off a whirlwind of emotions.

Airelle Besson: trumpet / Lionel Suarez: accordion


A rare immersive musical and visual odyssey

Franco-American pianist and composer Dan Tepfer is never short of surprises. The daring master is one of our time’s most imaginative pianists, as much at home revisiting John Coltrane’s repertoire as he is with Bach’s Goldberg Variations. For his latest project « Natural Machines », Dan Tepfer explores the intersection of the mechanical and natural: rules and algorithmic rationality, on the one hand, emotions and spirituality of freely improvised music on the other hand. The result is a visual and musical odyssey that dives into the confines of the mystery of creation. Dan Tepfter chose to play with a traditional acoustic piano that feeds through his computer (Yamaha’s Disklavier) to better riff off his improvisations in real time. A giant screen simultaneously projects his spellbinding visuals, dreamy expressions of his music inspired by the very structure of his notes and piano chords.

Playing his new set live for the very first time in Paris, this immersive experience promises to be a one of a kind moment in jazz, a sensory push that will lift you into a whole new dimension.

This show can also be experienced with enhanced virtual reality, and add-on available to book with your ticket.

Dan Tepfer: piano