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When the music of the French cinema thrills one of the most beautiful theatres

The Franco-Swiss trumpeter Erik Truffaz is undeniably one of the most brilliant musicians of his generation. A key figure in world jazz, his style is often compared to that of Miles Davis, and his music is driven by fusion and sound discovery.
In 2023, Erik Truffaz will release his seventeenth album in two parts, “Rollin'” in the spring and “Clap” in the fall.
For this new project, the explorer has immersed himself in the films of his life and revisits with his own unique touch some of the greatest musical pieces of the golden age of French cinema: Les tontons flingueurs, Fantomas, Le Casse, La Strada, Ascenseur pour l’échafaud, One Silver Dollar…

Anyone who has ever seen Erik Truffaz on a stage will understand that he is a black actor, with a felt hat, a long body and an aerial and cinematographic breath. By going back to his memories as a film buff, a lover and a child, he foments a tribute from jazz to the film that he illuminates and it is a feast of composers that he offers us: Nino Rota, Michel Magne, Ennio Morricone, Alain Romans at Jacques Tati’s, Philippe Sarde…

On the occasion of this concert event for the release of the album, he will play a preview of some of the tracks from “Clap”.
“Rollin’ & Clap” also marks the advent of a remarkable new quintet with his long-time sidekick, Marcello Giuliani, whose bass is acoustic, Raphaël Chassin’s old drums, Alexis Anérilles’ mined keyboards and Matthis Pascaud’s incandescent guitar.

In the sublime Italian Theatre of the Odeon, which lends itself perfectly to the project, the trumpeter and his gang will magnify these moving and recognisable melodies that have made us dream, laugh and cry. A feast of sounds and images!

Erik Truffaz: trumpet / Marcello Giuliani: bass / Alexis Anérilles: keyboards / Matthis Pascaud: guitar / Raphaël Chassin: drums