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Nouvel album "Tissé"


Too enamoured with music to let herself be boxed in water-tight musical categories, the singer-songwriter Marion Rampal, always followed her own path guided as much by the stars as by her own heart.

After many explorations and collaborations to the four winds, including a remarkable concert at this very festival in 2019 (and making Jazz Magazine’s top five most beautiful voices of 2021), she returns with « Tissé », a very poetic album, filled with home-made songs that she relives on stage with her celestial and radiant presence and her delightful raw and quivering voice, masterfully delivered. Her subtly creolized writing offers an insight into the original folklore she encountered over many years of exploration influenced by Folk, Cajun Music, Blues, Soul, Maloya…

Alongside her loyal sextet, Marion Rampal summoned the mesmerising Piers Faccini to perform on stage (following their studio collaboration), as well as another special guest, flautist Naïssam Jalal, adding her mysterious touch.

The singer notoriously subdued on stage unlocks a whole new persona to charm and carry the audience with her magical tales: the promise of a deeply moving moment, both intimate and timeless, created exclusively for this festival.

Marion Rampal: vocals / Pierre-Francois Blanchard: piano, keyboards / Sebastien Llado: trombone, conques / Matthis Pascaud: guitar / Simon Tailleu: doublebass / Raphaël Chassin: drums
+ guests : Naïssam Jalal: flute / Piers Faccini: vocals

New release « Tissé », released on February 25th 2022.