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Michel Portal

© Jean-Marc Lubrano

Bojan Z & Michel Portal

© Ingrid Hertfelder

Bojan Z

© Fred Thomas

Bruno Chevillon

© Virginie D

🎷 Saxophone, clarinet, piano, double bass
🎵 New album
👨‍💼 Exceptional trio


Dive into a real kaleidoscope of soundscapes

It has been ten years since his many fans have been waiting for this: the clarinet and saxophone players’ maestro has just released a new album, « MP85 », on March 5. Referring to the number of candles he blew out recently, this album had a rave and well-deserved reception from the French major cultural media.
Recorded after the first lockdown, in June 2020, it celebrates the return of joy of exchanges and sharing between musicians. Michel Portal does us the honor to join the incredible adventure of the year’s one-of-a-kind festival and to perform his first concert after the release of this musical gem.
Michel Portal invited his faithful companions with him on stage: the explosive and very melodic pianist Bojan Zulfikarpašić – musical director of MP85 – and the irresistible and subtle double bass player Bruno Chevillon. The master invites us to a joyful, sensitive and poetic journey, carried by the winds of the desert, Africa, Armenia and the Basque Country.
A real joy of life and freedom immersion, meant to be shared!

Michel Portal: saxophone, clarinet / Bojan Z: piano / Bruno Chevillon: double bass


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