Grand amphithéâtre de la Maison de l'Océan

© Pascal Bouclier

Obradović - Tixier duo

© David Tixier

Rémi Panossian trio

© DR
© Denis Leroy



The irresistible French jazz trio that conquered the world

In perfect musical and human osmosis, pianist Rémi Panossian’s trio is one of the groups that have shaken up the codes of contemporary jazz and the piano-bass-drums format, just like E.S.T or The Bad Plus, with a single watchword: to put their dexterity and talent at the service of the very essence of music: emotion.

With over five hundred concerts to their credit all over the world, and five acclaimed albums to their credit, these three enfants terribles love to share their joy of playing together with their audiences, shaking up the rules of the genre with mischief, melodic lyricism, heady grooves and a touch of pop.
For the first time at the festival, they’ll be playing repertoire from their forthcoming album, freshly recorded a few weeks earlier.
A feel-good privilege not to be missed!

Rémi Panossian: piano / Maxime Delporte: double bass / Frédéric Petitprez: drums



The electroshock duo with infectious energy

Winner of a dozen awards in just a few years, the “Obradović – Tixier duo” was born of the encounter between French pianist David Tixier and Croatian drummer Lada Obradović. Piano, drums, but also keyboards, loops and a few effects…. Lada Obradović’s striking power is a delight. She’s incisive, precise, sharp, groovy. She contrasts magnificently with the rounded touch of David Tixier, whose swirling harmonies shape the space. Here and there, in the bend of an improvisation marked by a hypnotic looped synth-bass motif, we hear the ghost of Bach, the time of a fugue.

Their fourth album, “A Piece of Yesterday”, links a series of nine stories told through their music on the one hand, and a fairy tale on the other, taking us into a singular universe of electronic mixed with acoustic, jazz, electro, pop, classical and trip-hop on the one hand, and on the other, to meet the imaginary character of Ehrmo, who crosses the universe of each track constituting a chapter of his journey.
A subtle, cinematic musical epic, to be discovered as a matter of urgency.

Lada Obradović: drums / David Tixier: piano, keyboard