• Noé Clerc trio - Blues des cigales
  • Vincent Peirani - Waltz For JB

Dear festival-goers, musicians, partners, music lovers…
Dear friends,

In the current unprecedented situation, our thoughts go out first to all those who can’t remain in self-isolation and must go out to work daily with fear of contamination, especially all the caregivers.
They also go to all the lonely people, to all those for whom the home is not a protective nest, to those without homes, to the people in detention…

We would like to show them our full support.

We are of course thinking of each and everyone’s health, which is the absolute and non-negotiable priority. It calls for us to put the human back at the centre of our concerns.

Since March 13th, as the whole entertainment industry, the team of L’esprit Jazz and of the festival has been mobilised, on the lookout for and sharing information, recommendations, developments and forecasts. We have been teleworking for several weeks now, fostering our collective imagination to see how we can continue our mission in a difficult and unprecedented context.

Let’s face it: the 20-year anniversary edition of the Festival Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés Paris could not possibly be held on the dates announced, from 9 to 20 May 2020.

The entire team, in conjunction with its partners, is working hard to find a solution to postpone the beautiful edition initially created for this year. We are confident that we will return to you soon with great news despite this very complicated context.
Along with all our peers, we are very concerned about the impact of this crisis on an already fragile music and jazz sector. We are calling for a significant economic support plan for the sector and its precarious workers, artists and technicians, who are hit hard by all the cancellations.

In this spirit, we also appeal to the solidarity of the spectators who can afford not to claim their tickets back and/or to make a donation to the production companies.

Concerning our festival, we will soon publish all the details on how to keep your ticket, make a donation to L’esprit Jazz or get a refund.

Finally, we would like to thank all the artists, partners, technicians and, of course, the public for their support and participation in the development of this 2020 edition.

Together we are strong!

Let us be careful and responsible, let us take care of one another and we shall get together as soon as possible.


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