• Noé Clerc trio - Blues des cigales
  • Vincent Peirani - Waltz For JB
Dear festival-goers,
Since the announcement of the postponement of the festival, the whole team has been following the news very closely in order to better inform our decisions and keep you informed in a relevant way. We can not yet announce the new precise dates but we can already reveal the envisaged period: OCTOBER 2020. We are working hard to be able to postpone as many concerts as possible and this is progressing well.
We’ll come back to you in June for more information. Please click on this page for any information about your ticket.



While waiting for the pleasure of live concerts, we’ll concoct playlists available on our social networks. Find the spirit of the festival’s program around discoveries, favourites and a window always open on world jazz news, all finely selected by the artistic director, Frédéric Charbaut.
To start gently: Stay zen, stay jazz.


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